Moving Forward

In early 2021 (after the election of Joe Biden) Indivisible North Boulder engaged in several sessions to discuss our path forward.  Three policy priorities emerged from those discussions:

  1. The need to address the climate crisis and environmental challenges
  2. The need to fix democracy
  3. The need to address institutional racism and economic inequality

The discussion also had a broader aspect. During brainstorming sessions, we developed a list of 20 policy objectives that reflect our more general orientations.  It was based upon a discussion of this list that the three policy objectives noted above were selected. 

The complete list suggested that our members want to: 

  1. Address the climate crisis and other environmental issues such as air and water protection, public land policy and endangered and threatened species  
  2. Reform policing to ensure that police killings of people of color (and any other unjust killings) stop
  3. End institutional racism, sexism and other forms of prejudice & discrimination
  4. Establish a fair and compassionate immigration system
  5. Protect our democratic institutions by fostering free and fair elections, making the executive branch and congress more accountable and by reinforcing an impartial judiciary
  6. Encourage science-based decision making
  7. Support American workers
  8. Enhance our infrastructure, including rural broadband
  9. Ameliorate the effects of the pandemic
  10. Foster a “we” rather than a “me” orientation
  11. Learn how to talk to those with whom we disagree
  12. Address divisions between the highly educated and those with less education
  13. Address divisions between urban and rural sections of the nation
  14. Reduce extreme power and wealth disparities between various communities
  15. Provide health care as a right rather than as a privilege
  16. Make quality education accessible to all who want it
  17. Foster truth vs. fantasy in social and political discourse
  18. Reduce the impact of destructive manifestations of social media
  19. Re-establish international partnerships when they serve our national interests (Paris Climate Accord, Iran Nuclear Agreement, World Health Organization)
  20. Ensure that America advocates for international peace and justice by emphasizing diplomacy and negotiation in international relations