Our Approach to Political Action

  • We urge members to engage in two actions a week. An action might include calling or writing to an elected official, attending a demonstration or doing anything else that a member believes will advance our cause.
  • Our meetings start on time, end on time and always have agendas.
  • We are committed to long term activism – extending beyond 2022 & 2024.
  • We don’t bombard members with solicitations for money.
  • We believe that personal interactions and lasting friendships are cornerstones of effective and sustained political engagement.
  • We use electronic tools to communicate but we also believe that face to face interactions are essential.

Our Structure

Our steering committee coordinates logistics. Beyond that, we encourage all of our members and friends to be creative in their resistance activities and approaches.

During Election seasons we typically:

  1. Donate money to progressive candidates and causes
  2. Write post cards and letters to potential voters
  3. Text potential voters
  4. Talk with friends and family members and urge them to support progressive candidates and causes
  5. Write editorials
  6. Walk precincts
  7. Make phone calls to voters
  8. Support other progressive groups

Between elections we typically:

  1. Mobilize:  Our members have participated in demonstrations such as the various Women’s Marches.  We have written letters and editorial articles for local newspapers.  We have established connections with other progressive groups.
  2. Influence Politicians: We have made numerous phone calls to the offices of Colorado based politicians – and sometimes to politicians from other areas of the country.  We have also sent texts, letters and faxes to them on various issues.  We have invited some politicians to address monthly meetings.
  3. Disseminate Information:  Members of our group disseminate information about current events, pending bills and pertinent issues to other progressive activists around the country.

Next Steps…

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