Clippings: “Watch What They Do” (Sept. 14, 2018)

————————————–QUOTE OF THE DAY———————————————–

“This is not normal. These are extraordinary times, and they are dangerous times.
But here is the good news: In two months we have the chance — not the certainty,
but the chance — to restore some semblance of sanity to our politics.”

– Barack Obama


Watch What They Do, Not What They Say. While the Trump Show
grabs our attention, the right wing consolidates it power: “Congressional G.O.P.
Agenda Quietly Falls Into Place Even as Trump Steals the Spotlight” at:

(Thanks to Pat LeBrun for sharing this story)

See also “Forget the Trump circus. Focus instead on his ruinous policies”
(Article attached) at:

Most important, follow the money: “The Urgent Question of Trump
and Money Laundering” at:

The Koch Brother are a big source of “dark money” working behind the
scenes. Read “Trump and the Koch Brothers Are Working in Concert” at:

The solution depends on what you and I and millions of other voters
do on November 6. Let’s hope we keep our attention where it belongs.

What the Polls Say. “The anti-Trump backlash is gathering force.
These new polls confirm it” (Article attached) at:

Limits of Good Intentions. It feels morally satisfying to defend athletes in
support of “Black Lives Matter.” But will it win elections? A question to ponder.
Read “The Anthem Is a Trap for Democrats” which argues that Democrats may be
walking into a trap, to the glee of Republicans. See:

Whatever liberals may believe, the Russians have already figured that the
anthem controversy is a great way to stir up divisions in America: “Russian trolls are
still using the anthem controversy to sow division on social media” at: