Clippings: “The Impact of Indivisible” (Sept. 6, 2018)

————————————–QUOTE OF THE DAY———————————————–

“In the end, there are only two ways a president can forge a legacy in
U.S. politics: accomplish things with bipartisan support, or nurture his
political party so that people are elected who will carry on and protect his
accomplishments. Obama’s legacy is in trouble because he did neither.”

-Elaine Kamarck,
“The Fragile Legacy of Barack Obama”


The Indivisible Effect. Are we having an impact? The answer is yes.
Don’t be discouraged. We know that Indivisible had an impact earlier on elections
in Alabama and Virginia. What we may be an untold story is the ongoing impact
of the Resistance on removing Republicans from office, which some have called
“The Indivisible Effect.” For more on this see “There is a wave of Republicans
leaving Congress” at:

Fear of White Displacement. Recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau
shows an absolute decline in the nation’s non-Hispanic white population and predict
that by 2045– a century from the year when I was born– whites (like me!) will no
longer be a majority in the US. These demographic trends have far-reaching
implications. See “It’s time for the United States and Europe to face the politics of
cultural displacement” at:

Return of the. Repressed We’d better understand conservatives because

today they have power. Here’s a view of an important book, The Conservative
Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945:

“Conservatism has been routed by Trumpism, a movement driven by all
the resentments that the right has dredged up over the decades with none of the
ideas that once animated it. As [author George H. Nash] put it, there is a ‘return of
the repressed’ at work in the rise of the alt-right, with all the ugliness that (William
F. Buckley) once purged now on full display at rallies and on the internet.”

For the review, see: