Clippings: “Struggle Against Trump: 2 Views” (Aug. 23, 2018)

————————————–QUOTE OF THE DAY———————————————–

“The closer Mueller’s investigation gets to Trump and his family members, the more
difficult it will be for the president to fire him without it having dire consequences.”

-Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean, UC Berkeley School of Law


Patriotism. Populist nationalism is obviously a global threat. But if
we want to be politically effective, we’d better exercise what Buddhists call
“skillful means” in working against it. During the Sixties, when I was marching
against the Vietnam War in Washington, I saw someone carrying a Vietcong flag.
As we marched, I made sure my American flag was flying high in front of his flag.
My message was clear: We protesters are as patriotic as anyone in our protest.
Progressives should never concede the flag, or patriotism, to the right-wing. For
thoughts on this subject, see “Why Aren’t Democrats Proud to be American?” at:

See also “Reclaiming Patriotism for the Left” at:

The Struggle against Trump: Two Views. There are those, like Robert Kuttner,
who sees this past week’s events (Cohen and Manafort– no, not a law firm!) as evidence of
Trump’s demise. See “Trump’s Fall: The End Game” by Kuttner, The American Prospect
(Article attached).

I am reluctant to disagree with Robert Kuttner, but I wish I could share his
optimism. My own view, published before the 2016 election and after, is that people
have repeatedly underestimated Trump. It could happen again, because many failed
to vote in 2016. The reason in 2016 was complacency (“It can’t happen here”) and the
same mistake could happen again. On this point see “Trump’s chickens may be coming
home to roost. But the system has already failed” (Article attached) at:

For how this week’s events are unfolding, see “The Right Melts Down” at:

Demography. No, demography is not destiny, and it’s not the basis of
racism, either: See ” ‘Demographic Change’ Doesn’t Cause Racism, Racists Do” at:

(Thanks to Richard Adler for alerting me to this article)