Clippings: “Women’s March, 2018” (Jan. 21, 2018)

——————————–QUOTE OF THE DAY———————————

“Our country needs a good shutdown…”

-Donald Trump (Sept., 2017)

“Shutdown coming? We need more Republican victories in 2018!”

-Donald Trump (Via Twitter, Jan. 19, 2018)


Government Shutdown. On Friday, Jan. 19, Mick Mulvaney, Director of the U.S.
Office of Management and Budget, said “I found out for the first time last night that the person who technically shuts the government down is me, which is kind of cool.” For details on the shutdown, see:

See also: “Government Shutdown 2018” at:

See also: “The Women’s March Became a Movement. What’s Next?” at:

Women’s March 2018. Yesterday I joined thousands of protesters at the Denver
Women’s March, which attracted huge crowds and was enthusiastic but well controlled.

This event was part of many other marches around the country one year after the inauguration of Donald Trump. For more on the marches, see “Women’s March 2018: Thousands of Protesters Take to the Streets” at:

In coming days, I’ll share some of the signs at the Denver Women’s March and
their messages to the Trump regime. Here are a few for now:

“If you’re not horrified, you’re not paying attention.”
“Science is not a liberal conspiracy.”
“A woman’s place is in the Resistance.”
“White supremacy has no place in the White House.”
“Trump breeds truth decay.”
“If you build a wall, we will tear it down.”
“None of this is normal.”

Not the GOP. No, it’s not the GOP but the POP—“Party of Putin” and
they’re gearing up for 2018 elections. See: “How Putin’s proxies helped funnel
millions into GOP campaigns” at: