Clippings: “Obstruction of Justice” (Aug. 30, 2018)

————————————–QUOTE OF THE DAY———————————————–

“Much of the damage to US politics over the last two years has been
done by the anti-Trump media themselves, with their mood of perpetual
panic and their lack of imagination.”

-David Bromwich


Obstruction of Justice. See “Laying Out the Obstruction of Justice Case
against President Trump” at:

Russification of the USA. We have 70 days to prevent the loss of the
institutions of democracy under which we’ve lived our lives. The alternative is
“Russification.” For the argument, see “What if Trump Did Actually Shoot Someone
on Fifth Avenue?” where Tom Friedman argues that voting in the midterms is
crucial because Republicans in Congress won’t restrain the president’s excesses.
Read it at:

(Thanks to Jenne Hille for alerting me to this article)

It’s Worse Than You Think. “Here’s House Republicans’ list of all the
Trump scandals they’re covering up” at:

Early Warnings (Or maybe late). There are those on both the Left and
the Right who are dismayed by where our country is going now:

From the Left, read “The Coming Collapse,” by Chris Hedges, at:
(Thanks to Mark Hoelter for alerting me to this article)

From the Right, see the book Everything Trump Touches Dies, by Rick Wilson
(Free Press, 2018). Rick Wilson is a charter member of the Never Trump Republicans.
As a long-time Republican operative specializing in attack ads, etc., he knows all about
underhanded politics from the inside. As a patriotic American conservative, he’s horrified
by what Trump represents. Read it, but hold on to your seat belts (and also be prepared
to laugh).