Clippings: “Manafort Guilty” (Sept. 15, 2018)

————————————-QUOTE OF THE DAY———————————————–

“Politics ain’t beanbag.”

(First uttered by Mr. Dooley, Irish-American character created by writer
Finley Peter Dunne in an 1895 newspaper column)


Manafort Guilty. The big news from yesterday is clearly this:
“Paul Manafort pleads guilty, agrees to cooperate in deal with Mueller team” at:

I deliberately cite the Fox News connection here, because I never receive this “fair and
balanced” source of news— 🙂

Trumpworld: Into the Whirlwind. It’s worse than you even imagined.
Read “ ‘None of Them Is Where the President Is’ : It’s Trump vs. Trumpworld
Over North Korea” at:

(Thanks to Richard Adler for sharing this article)

Perils of Victory. Be careful what you wish for. We hope for success in
November, but we need to have realism: Republican consultant Bruce Bartlett
argues that “The biggest problem Democrats will have is dealing with the budgetary
time bomb Republicans have planted with their tax cut.” For more on this, read
“Why Democrats Are Screwed Even If They Win” at:

See also: “If Democrats win, they’ll have a big mess to clean up” (Article
attached) at:

Why Are Ignorant People Arrogant? I know it sounds like an
impossible question, but it turns out that empirical psychological research
sheds light on a matter so important in our current political situation.
The Dunning-Kruger effect gives us a way of answering this question.
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