Clippings: “Identity Politics” (Sept. 18, 2018)

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Question: “Are the American people ignorant or apathetic?”

Answer: “I don’t know and I don’t care.”


Identity Politics. I once saw a cartoon showing a guy walking with a
sandwich board that saya “Will Do Policy Analysis for Food.” Those of us
inclined to policy analysis (I plead guilty!) should take notice.

Here’s another perspective: “All politics is identity politics,” where a philosopher
(no less!) argues that “People don’t vote for what they want. They vote for who they are.”
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A Voice from the Right: “The Resistance Never Faltered.”

Conservative Never Trumper Rick Wilson has said it as well as anyone:

“Trump is a problem we’ll be a long time in solving. The damage to our
institutions, our hopes, and our reputation in the world won’t be undone overnight
or with a few sweet words. It will take work and commitment from people on the
conservative side of the equation to admit and rectify the dangerous flirtation with
authoritarian statism Trump represents.

It’s not impossible. Far from it; it’s vital…

Every day that passes gives us additional evidence of how much Trump
believes he can govern not under the Constitution and laws of this nation but by
fits of pique, fiat, diktat, and by force of will. He either doesn’t understand or doesn’t
respect the separation of powers and the structure of government the Founders built…

Collaboration with evil comes in many forms: grudging, tacit, overt, and
enthusiastic. France experienced all those variations of cooperation with the evil
of the Nazi regime. Charles de Gaulle, the Free French, and the Resistance never
faltered, never accepted the Petain regime, and never stopped fighting for their nation.”

(Rick Wilson, Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real about
the Worst President Ever, Free Press, 2018).

Dropping Regularly. “Just 36% say they approve of the job President Trump
is doing, a 5-point drop from last month…” See “Maybe Trump’s incredible poll drop
is real” at:

Good News. See “Grim warnings for White House, Republicans ahead
of election” at:–election.html