Clippings: “Corruption at the Top” (Aug. 27, 2018)

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“Corruption, to the fascist politician is really about the corruption of purity rather than
of the law. Officially, the fascist politician’s denunciations of corruption sound like a
denunciation of political corruption. But such talk is intended to evoke corruption in
the sense of the usurpation of the traditional order.”

-Jason Stanley, How Fascism Works


Corruption at the Top. Those of us in the Resistance find it hard to grasp why
evidence of corruption (e.g., Manafort, Cohen, etc.) seem to have no impact at all on Trump’s
base supporters. For insight on this read “Why Trump Supporters Believe He Is Not Corrupt” at:

See also “The Full-Spectrum Corruption of Donald Trump” by Peter Wehner.
The author of this article, worked for 3 Republican administrations and has been a leader
of the Ethics and Public Policy Center. He’s a prominent example of a NeverTrump
Republican. Read it at:

(Thanks to Richard Adler for alerting me about these articles)

See also: “Trump’s Contempt for the Law Will Be His Downfall” at:

Philosophical Reflections. True, I have a Ph.D. in philosophy, but I rarely
recommend things along this line. Here’s an exception: “We Are Not Born Human” at:

Culture Wars: 1968 Never Ended. See “America’s Never-Ending Culture War” at: