Clippings: “Aftermath of the Great Recession” (Sept. 16, 2018)

————————————-QUOTE OF THE DAY———————————————–

On the 10th Anniversary of Lehman Collapse and start of the Great Recession:

“Never in the field of monetary policy was so much gained by so few at the expense of so many.”

(Michael Hartnett, the chief investment strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch)


Aftermath of the Great Recession. It’s ten years now since the iconic event
of the Lehman Bother’s bankruptcy. Just as the seeds of Fascism sprouted during the
Great Depression, so we’re still living in the aftermath of 2008: “There’s Never Been
a President This Unpopular With an Economy This Good” at:

Trump’s Base. See “The Secret to Cracking Trump’s Base” arguing that
new polls show that some hard-core Trumpsters are starting to get a clue, at:

The Inside Story on Manafort Case. See “Robert Mueller just snagged
his golden goose” (Article attached) at:

See also: “Paul Manafort plea is new proof that Mueller is Trump’s
worst nightmare. He’s on to him” at: